I had a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Choudari and his team recently. They were professional, friendly and helpful.
Dr, Choudari listened to my concerns and post procedure was right there. My follow up with Dr. Choudari and his staff was the same.; efficient, professional and friendly. Thank you for allying my concerns and providing full explanations.

Dear Dr. Choudari,

You certainly came to my rescue when I felt so badly by calling asking if my condition and phoning in medication. I’m so very appreciative and thank you for such concern and caring.

I’m much better and credit you for being the excellent doctor you are.

Dr. C Choudari is a very knowledgeable a caring Dr, he explains things that I understand, he helped me get my stomach problem under control, I had both Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, he explained what I was going through, his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and they care about their patients, thank you for taking care of me, Sincerely

Tuba G.
Staff and nurses are very courteous and attentive. They respond promptly to my phone calls. Dr. Coudari is friendly and knowledgeable. He listens to my concerns and questions and explains things in a way that are easy to understand. My digestive system issues have been handled very well. I’m thankful that he is my physician.

Cheryl D.
Dr Choudari is a wonderful physician! He shows great care and has much compassion for his patients! He always has a smile and makes me feel at ease to discuss my health concerns. And, his team is always friendly and supportive. I highly recommend this medical practice.

Chuck K.
Dr. Choudari is my wife and my gastroenterologist. We have been with him for many years now and have had nothing but praise and admiration for him over these years. We both have other health issues to include our hearts and cancer concerns. I was hospitalized for a GI bleed after going to the ER. Dr. Choudari reached out to us before we could contact the office. We both know he will always take the time to fully diagnose and evaluate our issues, look at our overall health, and testing results; helping us to understand and make informed decisions about our on-going treatment programs. Dr. Choudari and his Staff have always been compassionate and friendly. Truly a very professional group. Dr. Choudari weather preforming our colonoscopies and endoscopies, overseeing our hospital stays and procedures, or our office visits over the years. We have always been very comfortable and confident with his knowledge and experience in diagnoses and treatments of our gastro issues. He has been a blessing to both us. Thank you!

Anne M.
A visit to Dr. Choudari’s office was therapeutic in itself. Everything about the lush hardwood floors, persian carpets, tiffany lamp, live plant, leather chairs, and large screen T.V. spoke welcome. Thank you Dr. Choudari and staff for not only excellent medical care but for care of the senses as well.

Marlene R.
My first meeting with Dr. Choudari was at Meritus. I freaked out when I saw blood and an ambulance took me to Meritus for admission. Dr. Choudari was called in and tests were ordered. After inclusive results he referred me to a specialist in Baltimore for a more intensive test that could not be performed at Meritus. Recently, amid all this COVID stuff, I had a telephone visit with him. After listening to my symptoms he ordered an abdominal scan. After the scan I was told to go directly to Meritus Emergency Dept. to be admitted. I had a problem requiring surgery. Two days later I was in the OR. Thankfully, Dr. Choudari was alert to my symptoms and in his thorough way ordered the scan. Had this not happened this story might have had a different ending. He is great.

Deborah E.
Who looks forward to scheduling a colonoscopy?? No one!! but Dr. Choudari and his staff made the process easy. Courtney and Tasha were professional, friendly and great representatives of Dr. Choudari’s office. Good staff is hard to find, and Dr. C has a great staff!!

Odbert C.
Dr. Choudari is always fully focused on my health and well being. He has always taken the time to fully explain any aspects of my health that may concern me. And both he and his wonderful staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Choudari makes his patients feel they can trust him with their health, and I do.

Roy C.
Excellent, compassionate care. Professional and friendly staff, 5/5.

David M.
It was his visit to me that means the best experience. While in the hospital, he was in my room almost every day checking on me and how I was doing, after 4 heart attacks, 4 stints, double by-pass all in one month. And he was concerned about me and my colon. The man is a gentleman and I think very highly of and recommend him as your gastroenterologist